MK Founder semiconductor co., LTD

MK Founder is a high-tech enterprise focusing on embedded storage and mobile storage. Headquartered in Taiwan, it has offices in shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and the United States.

The core management and design team of Maker Founder are all from industry-leading semiconductor companies with the same values, efficient execution and strong sense of mission.

The name of Maker Founder comes from the meaning of "making for makers". Relying on its complete r&d and manufacturing capacity, it integrates the resources of IC design, wafer foundry, packaging and testing manufacturers at the upstream of the industrial chain to develop a series of storage products and solutions with high reliability, customization and miniaturization characteristics.


20 2018-12
Rising SD NAND Nova! Core-hunting net and MK founder become the best partners

The core-hunting network and MK founder work hand in hand to fight for the future. MK founder\'s advanced product concept and innovative spirit will surely fit in with the ever-rising \"electronic components supermarket\" core-hunting network and become t

Contact Information

Taiwan headquarters: 4F.,No,71,Sec.2,Dunhua S Rd.,Da'an Dist.,Taipei City

Mainland branch: building 4, zhuguang innovation and technology park, nanshan district, shenzhen

Zip code: 518055

Telephone: 0755-26900702

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